Powder Coating is a dry metal finishing process using finely ground particles of plastic resins, color pigments and special cross linking agents which, once cured, cause the plastic resins to become very hard and extremely durable. Powder Coating is the leading alternative to conventional liquid spray painting.

Why Should I Use Powder Coating?

Compared to liquid coating, there are 4 main advantages to Powder Coating:

High Performance

Powder Coating is a high performance method of finishing products as it does not run, drip, sag, or exhibit “solvent pops.” Furthermore, powder coating offers excellent resistance to heat, abrasion, impact, UV from sunlight, and corrosion. Powder coating can be applied in thickness’ ranging from less than 1 mil to more than 20 mils, depending upon the requirements of the application and the type of coating being sprayed.

Environmentally Sound

Certainly the most sensitive issue associated with metal finishing today is environmental impact. There are no solvents used in either the cleaning phase or the spraying stage of the powder coating, thereby saving the environment from harmful toxic discharges normally associated with liquid coating. Furthermore, the powder overspray can be collected for re-use, thus providing up to a 98% usage efficiency.

Quick Turn-Around Time

Another advantage of powder coating over liquid coatings is turn-around time. With no need for post-curing, or “flash-off”, powder coat customers can have their parts back to within 24 hours if scheduling permits. Also, the prevailing weather condition does little to affect the outcome of powder coating.

Great Color Selection

There are literally thousands of colors available from a variety of manufacturers, and custom color matching is possible. Coatings are formulated with gloss levels ranging from high to flat, with textures ranging from smooth to rough. You’ll even find antique and hammertone finishes.

Where Can I See Some Examples?

Powder Coating is everywhere. Stop and look around wherever you are and there will be powder coated products close by. Powder coating is now used on thousands of parts and products, with ongoing technical breakthroughs expanding the list every day. A partial list of common users and applications of powder coating is:

  • The automotive industry uses powder coating on virtually every metal part that receives a finish coat including bumpers, wheels, suspension parts, door handles, brackets, and oil filters.
  • Farmers use powder coated tractors and other farm equipment.
  • Home owners use lawn mowers, snow blowers, barbeque grills, garden tools, metal furniture, and bathroom scales which have all been finished with powder coatings. 
  • Office workersuse metal furniture, mechanical pens and pencils, and other desk accessories that are all powder coated.
  • Parents buy powder coated baby strollers, bikes, wagons and aluminum baseball bats.

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